The paper deals with the interpretation of gravity on the principle of the spacetime structure falling into mass particles.



by F.Stefanko

2 nd Revision


The paper has been published within the work The Spacetime Phenomena, and proceeds with the paper The Spacetime Phenomena Part one, bringing new concept of gravity, based on idea of the spacetime structure of a varying density and frequency.

In the paper the gravity is explained by means of a space flow falling into a mass, and on the idea of the gravitational acceleration identical with the acceleration of the spaceflow speed. This explanation of the gravitational phenomenon is in conformity with the Principle of equivalency, and besides it brings the answer on a question about the essence of a gravitational and inertial mass :
The mass, defined by means of the flow of the space is a physical quantity complying with both inertial and gravitational properties of the mass.

Detecting from any point of a gravitational field, the spacetime structure in this point flows into a mass at a constant speed. However, detecting it from one chosen orbit, the spacetime structure is accelerated, respecting the two principal conditions: Flowing into a mass, the spacetime structure creates its own space geometry, influenced by relativistic character of its thickening. The equations only defining the gravitational field above the surface of the cosmic object are published in this paper. These equations are in compliance with the acknowledged contemporary theories as long as in the respective theory the change mentioned of the space and time densities along with radius has been implemented.
Briefly, the spaceflow theory brings the following new knowledge :

Publishing date : March 17th 2001
1st Revision : February 15th 2003
2nd Revision : February 14th 2006
The 2nd Revision offers more profound look into a common free motion, as well as it corrects some errors in the 1st Revision on this subject.

The work Gravity and Mass Distribution inside Gravitational Objects (as a Part three of the work The Spacetime Phenomena) has been published by now. The presented results are unexpected, amazing and shocking, invoking the phenomena from science fiction story.

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