Gravity and Mass Distribution inside Gravitational Objects

The Spacetime Phenomena part 3

by F. Stefanko


The images below show how the academic science expounds the architecture of the mass distribution under Earth's surface. We may ask if this scheme is true. The work presented argues for much more options how to design such cosmic body like the Earth.
eath's interior

eath's interior


The paper has been created within the scope of the work The Spacetime Phenomena, as its Part three. The reader should become acquainted with the Part One and Part Two of the work, which are available free on internet (listed in Open Directory Project).

It seems (and it will be confirmed i the next chapters), that the space (spacetime) density defining the material world (at least all what is consisting of the mass particles), is determined by that gravitational object, which is causing its highest value in a respective spacetime particular point. In other words, we can tell, that every gravitational object, manifesting itself by its own (in the next chapters we shall use "open") gravitational field, must be surrounded by the interface area, inside which the space (spacetime) density is defined by its gravitational field, in accordance with the equation (107).

Also it seems (and it will be confirmed i the next chapters), that the spacetime continuum inside the open gravitational field of the mass object, despite it is defined by its own space density, makes in its place possible the real existence of the spacetime structure manifested by the space density as defined by any another existing mass object,with its respective speed, as defined by the equation (115).

In this work we shall derive the parameters of the interface area in the most simple case, when the inferior object is nested inside the open gravitational field of the dominant object, and, no another object is close enough to the inferior object, to share the same part of the interface area with it.

The gravitational acceleration induced by the object M2 in object's M1 gravitational field, must be re-calculated for the space density of the object's M1 space density.

The mass distribution inside gravitational body is solved on principle that the mass differential must be considered directly proportional not only to the mass density, but also to the space density.

The gravitational acceleration inside gravitational object is derived on the principle that the inner spheres of the object are contributing to the gravitational acceleration above the higher spheres by their gravitational acceleration, as derived in the chapter, but re-calculated for the respective space density, determined by the mass distribution of the gravitational object.

Note. The Spaceflow Theory seems to be in good train. I came to opinion, that it brings quite new way how to look on space and time, and that it might become the background, I had always looked for in all phenomena. The theory is in progress, so I hope each year will be refilled. Or, of course revised, since this concept of doing science is not simple. At least not simple for me "to be able always to find the chosen reference frame". In case of revision all will be published on Internet. Using the keywords like "space flow, spacetime density" everybody should find the site, or my address.